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Aging Curve Video

First is a stretch for the lower back and knees.

Second, lift your butt off the ground making a straight line from knees to shoulders. The goal is to slowly increase your holding time.

Third, Tricep dips for your tricep muscles (back of your upper arms.

Posture Workout

Morning Stretch

Introduction To Balance

Restricted By Pain?

If you have pain restrictions, you might take an anti-inflammatory such as aspirin about an hour before you begin. This will decrease the inflammation in your muscles and joints. Your blood will be thinner making it easier to move through your system allowing for better oxygenation of your tissues (which will decrease muscle cramping and soreness). While your body starts to get back in shape, you should expect to have sore muscles, but if you have real pain then specific exercises to deal with pain are necessary.

Whichever pain you are experiencing is the worst one ever! I know! I have a bit of arthritis in my hands, it is bothersome but not painful and I can only imagine how bad some people have it. I have had lower back pain, sciatic nerve pain, and rotator cuff pain. I have avoided hip pain but I have significant experience with sciatic nerve pain.

Here are some sample exercises and workouts dealing with each of the above. There are workouts in the Members area and more are added each month.

Arthritic Hands - I have had arthritis in my hands for some time now. We can and should exercise with any type of arthritis. Our goal is deal with the pain, keep a full range of motion in the joint and keep strength in the muscles around the joint.

Back Pain Series 1 - There are 4 types of back pain and many of us have experienced all of them, They happen because we don't pay attention when lifting things, we have all around bad posture and bad sleep habits that lead to weakened muscles that are easily injured. The exercise series on the right makes a good starting point, and there are several other similar workouts in the Members section.

Happy Hips 1 - How many people do you know with hip pain? Again, most people don't excercise enough and the years of neglect creates muscle imbalances in the hip joint, lower back and in the legs. It also leads to poor posture. Bones get more brittle, then people fall and hips get broken all too often. Then it is hip surgery and you are quite likely a lot less independent after that.

Rotator Cuff Pain

There are many exercises in the exercise library that may help with rotator cuff pain. I know because I had a three very bad occurrences of this type of pain. I developed a preventative approach several years ago and I have not had rotator cuff problems since I added these to my regular routine.

Sciatic Nerve

I have also had very severe sciatic nerve pain issues a few times in my life. It has not bothered me since I started doing a regular series of preventative moves.  My Sciatic Pain Prevention stretches are included in the exercise library.

Each of the common ailments mentioned above has its own section inside with multiple workouts to help you deal with your pain.  I have personal experience with each of them except the Hip Pain and the Restricted Movement. What I am showing you on this site is what I learned and what has help me with the pain. 

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