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1) Fitness Tools Library

      • A Fitness Test for the Unfit!  Variations of this sell on the web for $70.00
      • Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire - for you and your doctor!
      • Your own Fitness Goals Worksheet!
      • Encouragement (a push) when you need it!
      • A Target Heart Rate Calculator
      • The Borg Scale for measuring your intensity
      • A graph of Your Aging Curve (you will certainly see yourself on this)

2) Exercise video Library

  • Hundreds of exercises and continually growing.
  • A video of each exercise you can watch or download to watch whenever you want!
  • Send me your own favourite exercise(s) and I will add them if suitable


  • Stretching exercises
  • Strength building exercises
  • Balance & Fall Prevention exercises
  • Agility building exercises
  • Endurance (aerobic exercises)
  • Sciatic nerve stretches 
  • Rotator cuff exercises 
  • Arthritic exercise 
  • Exercises for bad/weak hips
  • Back pain exercises
  • My own Heart Health Recovery Program (after open Heart Surgery)

3) Workout Library (DONE FOR YOU)

      •  Many workouts DONE FOR YOU and constantly adding
      • An online video of each exercise to help you learn the proper form
      • A Downloadable Printout of each workout to keep in print, or on your smartphone or iPad.

Workouts For All Fitness Levels: 

      • Get Ready for Fitness
          • A 10 Week Calendar and Workout Plan For The Very Unfit 
          • A 10 Week Calendar and Workout Plan for The Moderately Unfit

These first two programs get you ready for the relatively fit level! 

4) Functional Living Workouts (DONE FOR YOU)

      • Workouts with equipment and with no equipment
      • Functional living workouts 
      • Workouts to Improve Your Strength and Balance 
      • Workouts to Improve Your Posture
      • Workouts to help with stress
      • Workouts to make you feel better


5) (DIY) Do It Yourself Work Outs

  • From the Exercise Library you can download a workout template, then pick your warm up exercises, main focus and cool down exercises to to fill out the template. Then specify your number of sets, repetitions and intensity levels and go for it.
  • I will help you through this stage if you like. 

6) Equipment Demonstrations

(how to properly and safely use your equipment)

  • Treadmill, bikes, rowing machines, free weights, suspension equipment, bands, balls, bosu ball....

    I show you how to use various pieces of equipment so you get the most out of what you have. I am not selling any of it so it is totally unbiased advice.


7) On-Going Nutrition Advice

I have certifications in nutrition from Cornell University and Precision Nutrition

    • Weight loss guides and plans
    • On-going nutrition advice and education
    • I will share everything with you

    8) Your Own Certified Personal Trainer On-Line 

    • I am a senior and a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in baby boomers, seniors and functional aging! 

    • I will help you get the lifestyle you need to control your body 

    With any web browser you have access to help and assistance:

      • personal text messaging with me if you need direction or have questions
      • unlimited email support directly with me
      • chart on-line through the web site, use FaceTime or Skype 


    9) Subscribe To My Blog to Keep Up To Date On Posts and get a Free Copy of My Book.


    10) Sharing with A Community Of Your Peers  

    Access to forums on every subject you can imagine. If you don't see what you want, start your own and watch it grow.

    • This forums page on our site will allow you to add your thoughts and get feedback from many others

    • Contribute your favourite exercises or just share comments about what you go through as you get older 


    11) My promise that you will not receive emails from me constantly trying to sell you something else. 

    But you will receive emails helping you get more out of your membership, suggesting new exercises or ways to move differently along with nutrition tips.

    Coming Soon 

    • More exercises for balance, strength, flexibility, fall-proofing 

    • Functional living exercises 

    • More workouts, seated, on the floor, inside at home, outside, everywhere 

    • More Nutrition information 

    • Just Plain More

    All focused on Boomers and Seniors by a Senior.....Everything listed is included in your Lifetime Membership! Only eBooks will be offered at an extra but very nominal cost.

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      Get all this for $39.95 US$ a year or $79.95 US$ for your Entire Lifetime.  

      I'm serious, "That is a lifetime Membership Fee 

      of only $79.95 (US$)

      Join yourself or buy as a Gift of Health for 
      parents or grandparents!

      If you are a boomer or a senior, this site is for you! 
      Fitness and Health are Priceless...but they don't have to be expensive!


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      Our office is located at 2565 Douglas Woods Link SE Calgary, Alberta Canada. 

      All customer service issues will be resolved by contacting the President, Ron La Fournie by  mail at the above address, by phone at 1-403-585-8054 or by email at  

      While much of the material on our site will always be publicly available. The 'Private Members Only' section will be available immediately after the registration process is completed.

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