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About Me

Hi, I'm Ron. I am 70 years old and I created this site to share what I have learned about the importance of fitness and to show you how to exercise or workout at home with or without equipment.

I have been involved in fitness my entire life and now that I am retired I have the time to really focus on what I love to do...stay fit and share with you how to do what I do in your own home in a very inexpensive way.
Swimming was my first structured approach to exercise at 13 years of age, and my enjoyment of swimming has lasted all my life and I still love it. 

 I started with martial arts when I was 16 and stayed with that until I was in my mid 30's. Then I became interested in long distance running and weight lifting.

I never paid much attention to nutrition until my late fifties. I just ate everything! Sound familiar? Then I found I was adding several pounds that I didn't want. I was eating the same as always and doing the same exercise routines but gaining weight. It didn't make sense to me.

It all started to come clear when I began studying how we age and what happens to our bodies. I now know that nutrition is at least 75% of fitness.

Before I retired I became a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Personal Trainer Specializing In Older Adults.

Life Stuff

It seems like I was never sick when I was young. Everything skipped me. I was just lucky, no accidents, illnesses, diseases, nothing.

Then in February of 2015 I tore my left bicep completely

 The tendon attaching the long head at the top had zero attachment. In the emergency ward they didn't believe my age (68 at the time), and didn't want to do the surgery. Because I could move through a complete range of motion and had no pain, they decided to just leave it alone. I had maintained my muscle and was quite fit. It seems the surrounding muscles had compensated so well it didn't matter. I could just carry on as before.

Then the worst thing happened! I had a minor heart murmur that I became aware of when I was in my early teens, now that's a long time ago. The heart murmur was pretty minor up until it wasn't. Well by 2016 it became so bad that I needed open heart surgery to repair the leaky Mitral valve. I was pretty much inactive for several months and lost much of my fitness, that is my strength and aerobic capacity. Now I am in the process of getting it back. Read the rest of my story in Rons Blog.

Watch a couple of sample exercise videos I made and if you like them, join me!

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