Boomers Online Fitness Club

If your lifestyle does not control your body...

then your body will control your lifestyle!

What Is Boomers Online Fitness Club?

Baby boomers have always been trend setters. Now as we retire, fitness and health top our list. We want to live longer but with a healthy lifestyle.

We want: 

      1. to increase or maintain physical strength
      2. the physical ability to do what we want 
      3. to live with little or no pain
      4. to understand the effect of what we eat (nutrition is 50% of fitness) Read more on my Blog!

I try to control the above 4 items, and I take care of my body because it's the only one I have. I am 70 years old and I like the way I look and I feel great. Your membership in BoomersOnlineFitnessClub will help you get the same result

Want your own Certified OnLine Personal Trainer?

Many of my exercise routines at boomers online fitness club can be done anywhere; at home, in the park, at the gym or while you’re travelling. Some exercises use equipment and some use only your own bodyweight. 

Are You:

  1. A couch potato and brand new to exercising?
  2. Very unfit and looking for some direction
  3. New to exercising (never worked out before) but healthy
  4. Quite fit but want someone to makeup your workouts
  5. Pain restricted due to back pain, arthritis, rotator cuff etc.

Let me help you. I will show you the components of physical fitness and the biological markers of aging that we are all experiencing. Then you will use the  My 5 Step Fitness Formula to raise your aging curve!

Read more on these on the Membership Benefits page!

Let me help you to reach your fitness goals!

The five steps below make up a logical, solid fitness program that will help you accomplish your fitness goals! 

And I will guide you through each step. 

  1. What is your fitness level now?
  2. What do you want it to be?
  3. What do you need to know to close the gap?
  4. How to Build an Exercise Plan
  5. How to Evaluate your results?


You don't have to change your whole lifestyle, just make a few adjustments! 

Work-Out with Ron

I was born in 1946, and I am one of the 1st Baby Boomers and a Senior. Let me be your Certified Personal Trainer OnLine. 

Going to a gym will put you in the hands of 20-30 year-old individual who just cannot know what it feels like to be 60-65 or 70. Well, I am now 70 years old and things look different from here. I'm already there with you, so let's you and I do this together

As your Personal Trainer I will help you raise your aging curve like I have done and am continuing to do.

If you are new to fitness I will help you develop your fitness level to meet your goals. If you are relatively fit and want to work along with me, then I will explain everything I do, show you what I do, how I do it and why. You can adapt any of it to suit your needs or have me make suggestions and provide guidance. Or you can just select components and make your own workouts. 

I do all the exercise videos, no kids or models here. 

Come and workout with someone just like you! 

Check out the Sample Videos and read the list of Members Benefits, and then grab your very own Lifetime Membership and get started.

I live in the two cities below. But you can be anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

Calgary Ab, Canada

Las Vegas NV

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